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DeVinely Dee’s Home Care

Home Health Care Services
11584 Peacock Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46236, USA

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Category: Home Health Care Services
Phone: 3174577447

Already Caring For Your  Loved One At Home??

Structured Family Caregiving is a model of caregiving that empowers caregivers to care for seniors and those with disabilities who wish to remain at home, or in the home of an approved caregiver, rather than become institutionalized into a nursing home. It provides financial and supportive services for family (and non-family) caregivers.

Structured Family Caregiving works as follows: A caregiver either moves into the home of an elderly or disabled individual; or the reverse, the care recipient moves into the caregiver’s home. The care provider receives financial compensation for providing care to the elderly or disabled individual who would otherwise require nursing home level care, as well as ongoing educational support/ and resources from our staff.

CALL TODAY!! To see if your loved one qualifies  for Structured Family Caregiving ( or other service options)

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