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Magnolia Gardens

Assisted Living/Residential Facility
Senior Assisted Living
520 Lasalle St, Rainbow City, AL 35906, USA

Vacancy Details

Category: Assisted Living/Residential Facility
Category: Senior Assisted Living
Price Per Month: Between $2-4k/month
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Facility Email: Magnolia.gardens@clevelandseniorlivingllc.com
Phone: 2564420102
Co-ed Living: Yes
Vacancy immediate or in near future?: Immediate
Pets allowed?: No
Accepts waitlist?: Yes
24-hour staff?: Yes

Magnolia Gardens Assisted Living in Rainbow City, AL

520 LaSalle Street

Rainbow City, AL  35906

Are you looking for a wonderful home for your aging loved one?  Please check out our 16 bed facility.   We are small,  but the atmosphere is that of a big family. 

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Our loving and trained caregivers provide:

  • Medication assistance as needed

  • Shower and toileting assistance as needed

  • Three home cooked meals a day plus snacks and desserts

  • Complete laundry service

  • Clean rooms with private restroom

  • Direct TV with Sports Package, Wifi included

  • Daily Activities

  • Bird Aviary and Backyard Garden Areas

  • Optional:  Chris Williams,  CRNP sees patients in the home , x-rays, ultrasounds and labs can be done here and meds delivered to our home.  

  • Optional:  Quarterly podiatrist visit in our home

  • Optional:  IBH Therapist, Psychiatrist or Mental Health see patients in our home 

Many residents choose to have a refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave in their room.  Residents are independent and can come and go from the facility with family and friends.  Visitors are welcomed.  Please like and follow us on Facebook for upcoming activities and pictures of our residents enjoying activities. 

We would love to give you a tour.  Just call and schedule.  

Magnolia Gardens, Rainbow City, AL 

 256-442-0102  ask for Deborah to schedule.  

$1000.00 Community Fee due up front to hold the room or upon moving in.  $1500 Community Fee for a husband and wife.  

Rent due the first night the resident sleeps in the building

$2785.00  for private room with private restroom, closet and shared shower

Double occupancy:  $4800

Two rooms:  $5200

$2585 for a private room with closet, private restroom, and Jack and Jill shower

Double occupancy:  $ 4400

Two Rooms:  $4800

Tonya Criswell, Administrator magnolia.gardens@clevelandseniorlivingllc.com

To qualify to live in an assisted living facility in Alabama a resident must be meet the following qualifications:

  • Be on a regular, low sodium or no concentrated sweets diet.  No puree diets allowed.

  • Be able to transfer to the bed, or toilet by themselves or with one person assisting

  • Be able to recognize his or her name on her pill pack and remember if he or she has been given meds already

  • Two meals a day are required to be eaten in the dining room, unless he or she has food in the room to eat.  Meals are not brought to their room unless they are considered contagious and asked to stay confined in the room.  

Welcome to our home.  As well as bringing your own furniture, pictures and personal items you are allowed to have the following items to make you comfortable.

  • Dorm size refrigerator/ freezer

  • Microwave

  • TV , if large,  it must be mounted

**You will need to cover your mattress with a zip up waterproof cover.   

You will need

  • Two sets of sheets 

  • Blankets

  • Four days worth of towels/ wash cloths

  • Personal toiletries

  • Shaving supplies

  • Paper towels/ kleenex

  • comb/ hairbrush/ hair dryer if wanted

  • Eyeglasses if needed

  • Walking assistance devices

  • Denture supplies as needed

  • Trash can (s)

  • Five sets of clothing ranging from warm to cool weather 

  • socks/ shoes

  • pajamas/ robe if preferred

  • Comfort items:

  • Snacks

  • Carbonated drinks- we do not provide these

Our facility provides snacks, water, sweet and unsweet tea, juice, milk and coffee.  Space heaters are not allowed according to the Alabama Rules and Regulations. 

Tonya Criswell, Administrator –  205-237-1090

If either the resident  or the spouse is a Veteran, you may qualify for Aid and Attendance through the Veteran’s Affairs office.  This benefit is up to $1250 a month that will be paid to the resident to help with the cost of an assisted living facility.  Call your local VA office to get more information.  

Another possible source of income is if your resident took out a long term care insurance policy.  If so, contact the company for benefits.  

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