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Rahma Group Home LLC

Assisted Living/Residential Facility
Group / Boarding Home

Vacancy Details

Category: Assisted Living/Residential Facility
Category: Group / Boarding Home
Price Per Month: Above $4k/month
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Facility Email: info@rahmagrouphome.com
Phone: 703-426-2846
Co-ed Living: Yes
Vacancy immediate or in near future?: Immediate
Pets allowed?: No
Accepts waitlist?: Yes
24-hour staff?: Yes

Rahma Group Home LLC is incorporated in Virginia and was formed to provide a caring, secure and loving environment for adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities who need assistance with daily living activities. We welcome them into our home and ensure they are comfortable, safe, and assisted at all times. Our staff is always present to address issues and perform their responsibilities with commitment, respect, and compassion.

Contact us at: 703-426-2846

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