Read What a Nurse Wrote About Assisted Living Facility Placements!

Read What a Nurse Wrote About Assisted Living Facility Placements!

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Newly Launched Assisted Living Vacancy Website

Why is an Assisted Living Vacancy Database Something You Should Consider Using?

By Brooke Schmidt, RN, BSN

Understanding and choosing an appropriate assisted living facility for yourself, a loved one, or a patient can be confusing and even frustrating. There are resources available to help you find assisted living facilities but not to know which ones have vacancies. Family members, social workers, and case managers spend a great deal of time looking for available beds. Unfortunately, these searches often end up prolonging hospital and nursing home stays which can be costly and stressful for everyone involved. What if there was an easier way to search for available facilities with current openings? What if you only had to search in one place to find senior care resources and senior assisted living communities?

Let us take a look at a new resource available to everyone that can ease your way and reduce the amount of time people spend in the wrong level of care.

What is the Assisted Living Facility Vacancy Website for?

The Assisted Living Vacancy website was created by Douang Phrasavath. As an RN and assisted living owner herself she recognized that finding facility vacancies was a challenge for most people. To make this process easier for everyone she designed a nationwide database to be used by patients, caregivers, social workers, and facility owners. 

This database allows senior assisted living facilities and residential care facilities to list their available beds and therefore decrease the amount of time they spend with empty rooms. It also allows patients, caregivers, and social workers the ability to search for open beds without spending hours directly calling each facility or searching their website. The types of facilities included in this database will be 55+ communities, assisted living, residential care apartment complexes, community-based residential facilities, group or boarding homes, nursing homes, and memory care facilities.

Why Does a Centralized Assisted Living Facility Vacancy Database Matter?

The growing need for assisted living and residential care facilities is not going to slow down anytime soon. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there will be more older adults than children in the United States by the year 2034. As the population continues to age, we will see an increase in the number of people needing to find community living settings with supportive care. This database will help meet the growing care needs and reduce the amount of time people spend at the wrong level of care.

This database will also serve as a centralized place for seniors or their caregivers to search for in-home care providers. Many seniors adults choose to remain in their homes but they will need care provided through these services to avoid moving. 

How Do the Website and Database Work?

The database is easy to use and is designed to reduce the amount of time patients spend in the Hospital, rehabilitation facilities, and their own homes when it becomes unsafe. If you are searching for an assisted living facility vacancy, start by entering the city and state where you are located. You can then filter by the type of facility you need. An additional feature is that you can also find local home health services and caregivers to provide support if a facility vacancy is not currently available near you or you wish to stay in your own home. 

If you are interested in listing your facility’s vacancy, you can visit this link to get started. You will be asked for your facility name, the type of care you provide, and basic contact information. You will then enter a description of your vacancy and include any relevant photos or additional information.  

If you want to explore the website further and explore the many resources they have to offer visit

Final Thoughts

As you know, there is no way to stop time, people will continue getting older and begin requiring support and increased care. Take the time now to acquaint yourself with this resource so that when the time comes you know how to use it. Save yourself a frantic internet search looking for “Assisted living facilities near me” and know where to turn for the information you need. If you have any questions about finding a vacancy or listing your facility vacancy on the site, use this link to send a message to the Assisted Living Vacancy team. 


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